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CSHS 1981 Reunion Ticket$ 35.00
Includes Buffet Dinner, Tea/Water/Coffee, Dessert, and Parking
When:05/27/2017 7-10 PM
Where:Rothchild ConferenceCenter, 8077 Kingston Pike
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Guest Purchased Tickets
David Hatton
Yolanda Barreira (Hatton)
Jim Estes
Margaret Tillman (Estes)
Charles Jones
Billy Von Hardin (Powers)
Tim Powers
Connie Forrester (Valenzuela)
Edmund Valenzuela
Howard Stephenson
Jeannine Hutcheson (Stephenson)
Lisa Jones (Meade)
Sherman Meade
Linda Reed (Allison)
Melody Huett (Chellino)
Sharon Cooper (Jewett)
Margaret Cooper (Knack)
Total 17